Protocol Overview


A marketplace for altcoin projects, on the BNB Smart Chain, to sell/ buy their tokens at a discount to the market price without affecting the market.

Think of it as a private trade between the buyer & seller.

  • Permissionless: Anyone can create a bond market to sell Payout Tokens for Quote Tokens

  • Composable: Bond purchasers receive Bond Tokens (tokenized bonds) that represent their positions which allow for the creation of secondary markets

  • Modular: Unified contract architecture enables easy creation of new bond assets and auction interfaces to be plugged into the system

The Protocol

The aim is to be a credibly neutral platform, laser-focused on providing Bonds-as-a-Service to meet the needs of DeFi with innovative ideas.

Inuko Finance was born out of OIP-104 on October 4th, 2022 following the success of Olympus Pro (OP), enabling it to establish a standalone entity.

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