🛒Purchasing a Bond

Step 2: You will then be taken to the USDT-Inuko Bond Page where you can put how much USDT are you willing to Bond.

  • Max bondable: The maximum amount of Quote token currently being accepted in a single transaction at this moment in time

  • Bond contract: Link to the Sequential Dutch Auction contract that is conducting the auction

Step 3: Input the amount to purchase and click "Approve Contract

  • Final review of the bond purchase prior to purchase

  • Click <APPROVE CONTRACT> to proceed

Step 4: Your connected web 3 wallet window will pop-up prompting you to sign and you should click "Confirm"

Step 5: Await confirmation window of successful submission

Step 6: Click "BUY INUKO BOND"

Step 7: You will then need to pay the "gas fee" shown on your screen

Congratulations! You have Bonded successfully!

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