💷Strategic Assets

Acquire assets that are deemed strategic to your protocol

Another use case of the bonding mechanism is to utilize it to acquire strategic assets for your protocol. The Quote token in this case is usually single tokens rather than LP tokens.

Once the assets that are deemed to be strategic to the protocol have been identified, the protocol can start utilizing Bond Protocol's infrastructure to acquire these assets by creating a bond market as an Issuer on the bond marketplace. While creating the bond market:

Quote Token: strategic asset to acquire

Payout Token: token to payout in exchange for the strategic asset

One is able to simultaneously create multiple bond markets making it an efficient manner to acquire the strategic assets.

Examples of use cases

  1. Accumulate governance tokens to direct gauges or reactors for added boost. E.g. $CVX, $CRV and $TOKE.

  2. Accumulate selected partners' tokens across the protocol's vertical stack whose services are of material importance.

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