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Add Liquidity

How to add liquidity to for INUKO
In order to support the project by

How to add liquidity?

Step 1:
Look for "Liquidity" in the menu and select the "Add Liquidity" button
Step 2:
Select the appropriate tokens, "USDT" and "INUKO" and enter the appropriate amount you wish to add as liquidity. Then click on the "ENABLE USDT" button.
Step 3:
Once USDT has been enabled, you can then click on the "ENABLE INUKO" button.
Step 4:
When both tokens have been enabled, you can the click on the "SUPPLY" button to proceed with adding LP.
Step 5:
Confirm that you intend to supply LP by clicking on the "CONFIRM SUPPLY" button
You have now completed the tutorial of how to add liquidity for INUKO.