How does the INUKO work?

INUKO was launched on 4th October 2022. As a fair launch, the total (and maximum) supply of 10,000,000 INUKO together with 10,000 USDT was injected into Pancakeswap as an LP Pair (INUKO-USDT LP Pair).

The key idea of INUKO is that the economics of the project is driven by community transactions. Unlike other projects out there such a method ensures that the economics of INUKO is

  1. sustainable in the long run as it is not dependent on a questionable external economic model,

  2. non-dilutionary as the entire supply is already in the open market to begin with, there is no external supply of coins that will dilute the market and

  3. deflationary at the same time as the buy back mechanisms burn off the coins gradually

A tax of 4% (updated on 27th October 2023) 12% is applied on every transaction of INUKO, all transactions are equally tax'ed regardless of it being a buy/ sell/ transfer transaction.

What is interesting is how the breakdown of the taxation is being routed.

TAX: Reflections

0.01% (updated on 27th October 2023) 6% of the tax goes into redistribution. That means of this tax that was collected in INUKO will be converted to USDT through an automated sale mechanism into the open market, then redistributed back to holders in accordance to their share of INUKO.

TAX: Liquidity

0.01% (updated on 27th October 2023) 1% of the tax goes back to the liquidity pool as equal proportions of INUKO and USDT and the LP tokens generated will directly be locked in the LP vault.

TAX: Auto Buy Back & Burn

2.97% (updated on 27th October 2023) 1% of the tax goes into buying back INUKO from Pancakeswap to burn. All burned coins are sent to the dead wallet address on BSC: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD

Burned coins are removed from the circulating supply of INUKO, resulting in deflation.

The INUKO balance of the dead wallet address can be found here:

TAX: Bond products

0.01% (updated on 27th October 2023) 1.5% of the tax will go into bonding products. This means that INUKO collected here will be recirculated as bond products are sold.

TAX: DAO treasury backing INUKO

0.5% (updated on 27th October 2023) 1.5% of the tax will go into the DAO treasury. This treasury will accumulate USDT which will be activated and managed by the governance committee based on specific criteria and conditions; such events include initiation buyback & burn proposals or the triggering of inverse bonds.

TAX: Marketing & Operations

0.5% (updated on 27th October 2023) 1% of the tax will go to the day to day management of the INUKO, which include marketing, partnership, merchandising and further development work.

Tokenomics mechanisms

A detailed diagram of the mechanisms of INUKO can be found below:

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