Cause & Mission

Contributing our cause to help empower girls worldwide

Our cause!

Inuko is a millennial aspiring to become a talk show host or commentator. She looks up to Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, the host of Tetsuko's Room (japanese: ๅพนๅญใฎ้ƒจๅฑ‹ | Tetsuko no heya), and hopes to follow her footsteps to make the world a better place for girls worldwide.

She struggles while growing up dealing with tonnes of challenges millennials face today. And we hope that her story will help inspire girls from all over the world to strive to achieve their dreams.


Inuko Finance believes in the potential of the NFTs and crypto. With more than a decade of award-winning experience of the founders and developers in their respective industries, weโ€™re committed to giving limitless possibilities for the modern day interactive experience in NFT and crypto.

Letโ€™s lay the first stone and open new horizons in Blockchain technology. We are very committed and take responsibility for our communities; no matter how long it takes, we will do our best to do what weโ€™ve promised.

We will never settle for less, and we always commit to our promises, to give you the merit that you deserve: delightful, alluring, functional, and practical experiences that you can share to the rest of the world.๐Ÿ•

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