📑Vesting Terms

Inuko Finance offers the following vesting features:

  1. Fixed-Expiry: Issuer is able to define the exact date the bond expires. i.e. a specific future date

  2. Fixed-Term: Issuer is able to define the desired term duration. e.g. 15/ 27/ 64 days

  3. Extended duration: customization of vesting period up to a maximum of 9 months

Both Fixed-Expiry and Fixed-Term offer customized expiry i.e. specific date or specific duration respectively. This enables a protocol to issue bonds with expiry to match its emission schedule. E.g. an OHM bond with expiry on Sep 15th, Dec 15th and March 15th coinciding with its quarterly token unlock (illustration only)

  • INUKO 22-09-15

  • INUKO 22-12-15

  • INUKO 23-03-15

Together with the tokenization feature, it enables a secondary market for these tokenized positions to be created, essentially transforming into a liquid position.

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