How to stake INUKO on our DAPP?

To increase your reflection shares without buying more INUKO, the easiest way is to stake INUKO in our DAPP. Here is how...

How to stake?

Step 1:

First check the amount of shares you own in the shares page by clicking on "Shares", if you haven't staked before. The number of shares you own should be equivalent to the amount of INUKO you have in your wallet.

Step 2:

Enter the staking page by clicking on "Staking".

Step 3:

Click on the "Stake" button and enter the appropriate amount of INUKO you wish to stake then click on "APPROVE CONTRACT" to allow your coins to be transferred to the staking contract.

Step 4:

Once approved you can now stake your INUKO by clicking on the "STAKE" button.

Step 5:

Once the transaction is completed, you will see the message "Staked success" popping up

Step 6:

Now that you have successful staked, you can then verify that your shares has been multiplied via clicking on "Shares" to check the numbers

You have now completed the simple tutorial of staking INUKO from our DAPP.

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