Multiply your rewards without investing more

Staking is the primary value accrual strategy of INUKO Coin. Stakers stake their INUKO on the INUKO DAPP to increase their shares.

Shares increase based on a fixed multiplier global variable of 2.5x. For instance, if a user owns 100 coins which is equivalent to 100 shares; upon staking, the user still owns 100 tokens/shares held by the staking contract but his shares are now 250.

Whenever REFLECTIONS are being distributed, the user’s shares are now higher with no change in number of tokens. With staking, the user gets a bigger share of REFLECTIONS in USDT.

The payout

Every transaction would have a 4% (updated on 27th October 2023) 12% tax and 0.01% (updated on 27th October 2023) 6% of it will go to reflections.

REFLECTIONS are redistributed to the holders in accordance to the amount of shares each holder owns. The bigger share a user has, the bigger share of reflections he gets. Reflections are redistributed using the stable coin, USDT.

Note: that UNSTAKING can only happen 60 days later. If, in instance, the user decides to add tokens for STAKING, the staking duration (60 days period) refreshes.

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